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At other sites, you may have to enter a special offer code. In some cases, you may be required to email or otherwise contact the casino staff in order to be reimbursed. Regardless of the process, the result will be the same: Bonus money deposited into your account at the casino.

Online casinos are rather competitive and the available bonuses are as a result high. The main things you will want to look out for are the maximum amount of the bonus and the percentage of the deposit are being matched in the bonus. A good base line is a $100 bonus on top of a $100 deposit however, bonuses vary widely. Generally, a site that increases your deposit by a high percentage, such as tripling it, will have a lower total bonus than sites with a lower percentage match.

If you don't have enough money to meet the maximum bonus requirements on some sites, you may find other sites with a smaller maximum but a higher match percentage are better suited to you. Conversely, if you have a large bankroll you may be able to get larger bonuses from sites that have a lower percentage rate but a higher overall maximum bonus amount.

The number of bonuses you can receive at online casinos is overwhelming. You can get loyalty bonuses for being a regular depositor. You can even get bonuses without making a deposit at some sites. The largest amount of bonus money is to be found in the initial sign-up bonus, which tends to be quite a bit larger than the other bonuses due to you only being able to receive it once. In some cases, you will not even have to meet wager requirements as you generally do on other casino bonuses, therefore giving you money that you can withdraw without risking anything.

Wagering Requirements

You will also want to look into the exact wagering requirements. You generally will be required to wager a certain amount of money before you can withdraw your bonus money, in order to prevent people from simply doubling their money and taking it out of the casino. The amount varies from casino to casino and you would be wise to consider it when comparing the bonuses of two different casinos.

For example, if you deposit $100, and there is a $100 bonus, you will receive another $100. In order to withdraw this second $100 you will need to wager an amount equal to your bonus multiplied by a number such as 10 to 20 or so, depending on the casino. In this example, the required amount to wager could be as much as $2000, or $100*20.

If you take the time to thoroughly research your options for an online casino, you should be able to find the one with the best odds of making you more money.



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