Roulette Bonuses

You will definitely want to check before depositing your money to make sure that you are getting the best deal. There are a few things you will want to watch out for.

Differences between Casinos

The first thing you will obviously want to consider is the size of the bonus that you will receive when depositing your money to the casino. Some of the sites will match your deposit up to 100% or even more when you make your first deposit. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that this bonus actually applies to the game of roulette. Some online casinos will not allow you to play with this 'bonus money' in the game of roulette.

Some casinos will actually allow you to play with the bonus in a game of American Roulette, but will not allow the bonus in the European version of the game, which has better odds for the player. Some of the other casinos will offer a bonus aimed strictly towards roulette, possibly with a special referral code in order to receive your roulette bonus. Usually you will receive a lower bonus for roulette than for example slots because roulette has a worse house edge and you are therefore slightly more likely to win.

The casino will generally require you to wager a larger amount in order to cash out the bonus money.

'Clearing' Your Bonus

The way bonus money generally works in an online casino, is you are gifted an amount of cash or 'chips' would be a more accurate way of thinking of it, which is not immediately withdrawal. The general requirement is for you to wager an amount of money proportional to the bonus before you will actually be able to withdraw the money. It is important to note that in general online casinos will not allow you to use contradictory bets, such as betting on both odd and even, or black and white, in order to ensure a 'tie' and effectively bypass the wagering requirement. You will want to research the actual specifics of a given casino's bonus policy before deciding whether the bonus it is offering is really as good as it sounds

No Real Disadvantage to Bonus Money

Although you may find it hard to actually withdraw your bonus money, there is no real downside. Obviously, you should not feel obligated to fulfill the maximum possible bonus deposit requirements of a given site, but aside from the initial withdrawal status of the bonus money, it generally should not hinder your regular play in any way. The only obvious difference would be the inability to play a black and red bet at the same time, but since in regular roulette these bets cancel each-other out this is no real disadvantage.



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