European roulette lets you play roulette online with ease

If you are a fan of roulette and love to play roulette online, then roulette euro is the best variant for you.  European rulett is certainly among the fan favourites, as it provides players with the best gameplay due to its low house advantage of 2.63%.

The roulette euro wheel is divided into 37 sections, these are the numbered from 1-36. However, there is also one pocket numbered 0, which is colored in green.  The aim of this game is that a player has to correctly predict in which slot the colored ball will fall in. For this purpose, the gamblers have to wager on the specific digit, once the bet is made the roulette euro wheel is rotated and the ball is placed in the direction opposite to the spin. After the wheel comes to a stop, the outcome is declared and the winning bets are paid to the respective players.

The available bets

There are two kinds of bets that the players can make while they play roulette online. A player has the ability to either wager their money on a single number or they could choose a whole lot of available combinations to wager in their money. These bets are mainly categorized inside and outside bets. The inside bets offer the wagering option on a specific number, the next numbers or a group consisting of minimal numbers. Rest of the bets fall into the outside bets category. It includes the wagering option on a wide variety of numbers. These bets have different rules and payouts. However, when you play roulette online you might not find all the odds listed, so you should have a check with the casino in order to know about their payout schemes for various bets.


If you are player playing in Hamburg, then you are entitled to receive half of your wagered amount back if the ball stops in the pocket number 0. If you choose to play the game in Berlin, you will see that the casinos encompass La Partage rule, which imprisons your even money outside bets in a scenario where the ball lands in the 0 pocket. However, if the next spin outcome is also 0, then the casino will be entitled to win all the bet amounts.
If you try out ruleta in a French casino, then in case if you have bet on the winning color like black, but the ball lands in pocket 0 your bet will go down by black diamond. If the next spin results in the ball finding a black pocket, then your bet will be returned back to you. But if the ball lands in a red pocket, you will lose your bet.



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