Terms & Conditions

This agreement is a legal contract between you and the Casino. When you agree to it, you are accepting all the terms and conditions involved, and they legally bound you.

If you are not sure about some provisions, please consult a lawyer.

We are dedicated to maintain our legal business, so if you are 21 years of age at least, if your country allows you to gamble without restriction and if you don't have some serious problems, you are welcome to our site.

You don't have to make bets, if you don't want to - you can play some of our free games.

Accessing the games

To gain an access to our games, you have to have our software installed. We will provide you with the non-exclusive sub license for the casino, but you cannot transfer those rights to any one, nor may you allow someone else to use it.

You have to supply some of your personal info to register, and we may ask some additional information in order of proving your identity.

We can change some parts of this agreement occasionally, and you should check up for those changes, cause being informed about them is your responsibility.

The Payments

All the payments and other financial transactions regarding your account can be handled by us or by some company dealing with such financial transactions.

The choice is yours, but keep in mind you have an obligation to play honestly, and if your payment processing company suspects something is wrong, it could withhold the payments.

You have to pay any of your debts, fully and timely, and please be warned about the fact that we will charge you not only for any unpaid bill, but also for any expenses we might have in solving the dispute.

Please keep in mind that if you make the deposits with credit cards, you wouldn't be able to withdraw your winnings over Moneybooker, Neteller, EcoCard and some other accounts.



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