Casino payouts

Both online and land based casinos take money as bets which are back as wins. This called a payout percentage. For example, if a casino has a 98% payout percentage it means that $98 from every $100 is given back to the players in payouts, meaning a win. Many people confuse this notion with payouts which are the money that a customer requests from the casino.

Usually those payouts which are offered by online casinos are higher. There are also various bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos in order to attract more and more customers. Real casinos can offer such options for their players because they need more profit for remaining profitable.

Online Casino games and payouts

Some of casino games have their separate payouts. For example, all Slots games have their pay tables which contain all necessary information about payout percentages and winning combinations. That is why in every online casino Slots tips guide you will see that it is highly recommended to read attentively the game's pay table.

So, before choosing the casino and the game in particular, find the highest payout percentages. The payout percentage statistic is usually displayed at the casino site or on the games themselves, as it mentioned before. Note, profitable payout percentage must be more than 36.5%; and if you see that the payout percentage rate is lower in some online casino you should not play there.

The following online casinos offer the highest payouts for their players

Follow all our advices and try to play at these online casinos and your chances to win in your favorite game will be much better.



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